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How to Get the Most Out of Social Media

As the guy to go to if you’ve got to go to the go to guy for content creation and social media message styling and distribution, it is my job to make sure that our clients have interesting and diverse social media content and that it is pushed into the news feeds or timelines of the right, responsive and most relevant audiences.

As you know, not every business has a social media department or the time to carry out these surprisingly highly skilled tasks within their day-to-day duties. This can put a lot of strain on the online competitive side of your business, so it’s important that you can understand how to get the most out of social media!

1. Create content that is interesting, drives response or is polarizing The first step in getting the most out of your social media is to be creative. A lot of people can suffer from “writers block”, when it comes to writing and especially when styling messages but the key here is to think outside of the box. Is there a question you could ask with enough interest that people will answer it? Is there something controversial that will split opinion? It’s better to create a mixed response to a post than no response at all. Odds are, the people who agree will love you more and those who disagree probably weren’t right for you anyway.

2. Paid Social Media Advertising It’s a well-known fact that Facebook and any other social media platform will allow you to “boost”. Boosting or advertising is a process of defining an audience to display your social media messages to and then pay accordingly for the size of the boost you wish to incorporate. It’s probably best to get a budget plan drawn up and hand this over to a social media expert to make the most out of your investment… we’ve seen businesses spend thousands (tens of thousands) in the past and get naff all in return, until we took over.

3. Link,  L I N K,   L   I   N   K! There are a number of ways you can do this but as long as you have appropriately linked to the right page on your website from social media and then back from your social media to your website you will increase your chances of click-thru increasing the size of your online presence and making social a money making tool. Of course, don’t link EVERYWHERE, this will make you look spammy and it’s not what people want to see on SOCIAL media. Clue in the name there, keep it social.

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